Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Happy Sunday! today has been a good day. Missed church today because baby girl hasn't seemed like she felt very good last few days and had a low grade fever the other night so I wanted to play it safe so everyone went to church today except for me, and baby girl. We rested while the rest of the family was at church then after they returned, we had lunch, and then neigbor stopped by, met her, and they brought some gifts over for the kids that they no longer used since their kids are older now. A bike, a air hockey table, and a roll top desk. Kids were really excited.  Making dinner which will be oven baked pork chops with stove top stuffing, and mushroom soup. can't wait for it to be ready as it looks and smells absolutely delicious.  Had wonderful weekend. Thursday was Dh's company Christmas dinner and we had the opportunity of eating at the SUN DIAL restaurant in Atlanta GA on the 72nd floor. It was an awesome experience and baby girl came along for the fun dressed in her elf dress. So cute, and so fun. Soon as I get pics I will have to post them up. Some of Dh's co workers took the pictures. Hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays so far. Gotten most of or christmas shopping done already which is a relief.. still been buying things here and there, but gotten a majority of the shopping done I think. how many gifts do you get your kids for Christmas? It adds up so quickly here with us having 7 kids. one of which is only 1 month old so she doesn't have a clue what's going on yet.